Hello and welcome to the Cost of Living Project. Before you click through the various hyperlinks that take you into the site, I wanted to encourage you to read this Introductory Statement, which explains the rationale behind the project, while also serving as a kind of user’s guide to help you take advantage of the tools and resources that you will find here. The rationale for the Project is clear and straightforward. As everyone recognizes, New York is a very expensive place to live and do business. Most would say, "Too expensive." Yet strangely, the high cost of living does not generate a great deal of controversy. It’s rarely mentioned on editorial pages and almost never figures in political campaigns, except as a...

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The Fate of The States

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"What Gets Measured Gets Done"

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"High Cost of Living Drives New York’s Fiscal Deficit with Washington"  

Between now and the end of the year, a hot political topic here in New York will be whether to let the Bush tax cuts expire for people in the highest income bracket, as the Obama administration proposes, or whether to extend those cuts for everyone.

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"Private Goods, Government Failure"

Maybe it’s impertinent to ask, but am I the only person to have noticed in recent years that promises made by politicians to lower the barriers to home ownership and to make health care and higher education more affordable have not turned out that well?

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"Regulatory policy must focus on two dimensions of regulatory activity: the appraisal of new regulation to ensure the quality of ‘the flow’ of new regulations
and the reform of existing old regulations, ‘the stock.'"

"Measuring Regulatory Quality,"
— OECD Policy Brief, April 2008